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Family Karate Class

We value time spent together as a family at Ogawa Karate. This is why we want to run a special 8-week Family Karate Class for all ages of students to participate in karate with their parents and siblings. This class will be a trial for a possible permanent place on the schedule. For this class, parents can enrol in this session for 8 weeks: students already enrolled can come at no extra cost. Students must be in the Dragons class or at least 6 years old to come.

Date and Times:

The class is tentatively going to be on Tuesdays from 6-7:00. 

We have not yet put it onto the schedule. Please fill out the form below for notifications as to when the class will begin. 

Who Can Come?

Families look different for everyone, but we recommend that an adult brings a child (or multiple kids!) or siblings come together.


This is a karate class: we will be doing martial arts. Adults should be able to walk and get up and down off the floor without help. 


This class is for all ages, but the minimum age is 6, or any student who attends Little Dragons class. No Ninjas, please.


Enter your email if you would be interested in this class. 

We need at least 4 families signed up! Let us know if you could come. 



Pricing Options

Enrolled Students

Do you already have a membership to Ogawa Karate? You can attend for free. 

Price: Free

One Person

For this 8-week course, an adult can enrol and attend with an already-enrolled child.

Price: $80+HST

2 People

For the duration of 8 weeks, 2 adults (parents, aunts, older siblings, etc) can enrol to attend with their child or children.

Price: $150+HST

Full Family

Nobody in your family currently does karate, but you want to try it. This option is for total beginners and applies to families up to 4 people on a single bill.

Price: $240 +HST

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