Little Ninjas

Karate for Ages 3-5


In this unique introduction to martial arts, even the shyest of children can have an amazing time. Come into the room and onto the mat with your child, and actively participate as a partner and a parent as we learn focus, coordination and respect through basic karate techniques.

This is a 3-month all-inclusive program! Class begins September 13 and ends December 13th. 2 Classes Per Week. Includes everything you need to get started, including a belt and uniform, and a final Graduation to your first colored karate belt!


What Do We Work On?

Can Different Parents Attend Class with the Student?

How do I Register?

This class focuses on learning the basics of karate: punching, kicking, stepping and how to work with others. These skills are accompanied by fundamental life skills: focus, respect, teamwork, and listening!

Yes! Of course, but all parties must sign the waivers. 

We are currently taking pre-registers and saving spaces for our start date of September 13, 2021. 

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