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Ogawa Online

How It Works

  1.  Download and print the "Pathway to Grading" form HERE.

  2. Fill in a circle every time a homework is completed. Homework can be found under the appropriate age group page.

  3. Fill in a circle every time a chore is done.

  4. Fill in a circle every time a GOOD karate class is completed. No circles for a badly behaved class, no circles for arguments, no circles for little to no effort.

  5. Circles may be taken away for bad behaviour of any kind.

  6. Once the sheet is filled in appropriately, take a photo of it and text it to Sensei. She will then evaluate kids for grading in their next live class and set a grading time (to be done over Zoom). 

  7. Please email any questions to Sensei Kate at


We signed our 6 year old son up last week and he absolutely loves it. Immediately noticed a change in his behaviour....and we didn't even sign him up because of that lol. If you're looking for an extracurricular activity for your kids (or you) I highly recommend taking them to Ogawa Karate. So happy with our decision.

—  Danielle, Facebook