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For All Ages

At Ogawa Martial Arts, we believe that even though Covid restrictions are gone, Distance Learning will always have a place. Our unique Distance Learning program is run in tandem with our live classes, offering you a window into our dojo. It is for all levels and ages, from beginner kids to advanced adults. Our program requires minimal equipment and space, and can be done from anywhere in the world.

Distance Karate is simple: a camera into our dojo, streaming our classes so you can attend from anywhere in the world. 

We have Distance Karate for:

Kids 5+, Teens & Adults.


Put on your Gi, Have a parent on standby to help out (for kids aged 5-9), set up your computer in your biggest available room, and have fun! 

In our Distance Karate programs, you will find:

  • A great workout

  • New friends both virtual and in-person

  • Karate skills appropriate to your age and level

  • Personalized attention 

  • Gradings and belt progression as usual, with belts shipped to your door!

  • A karate class no different from what you find in our dojo.

See HERE for recommended (not required) gear.

Teens and Adults will require a bit more gear, mainly a punching bag & Chishi.


Please use the "Book a Zoom Free Trial" button directly below to get our Zoom link, as the "Book Free Trial" button will not provide the Zoom link.


Our Story

Our school began in 2018 as a Karate dojo in a small church in Rigeway, ON after 20 years of training karate in Burlington, ON under Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura.

In the fall of 2019 we relocated to the to the Clarion hotel in Fort Erie, and not long after that, we went fully online due to Covid-19 from March 2020 until January of 2022.

Now, we are fully reopened and back to business, offering Karate and Kickboxing in Fort Erie in a modern and functional martial arts studio.


Our Studio
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