How Extra Credit


What is Extra Credit?

In Extra Credit, we will be covering all of the things we might not otherwise get to cover in classes in the form of pre-recorded classes that you can watch again and again in order to speed up or compliment your training.

These video lessons will help you learn basics, kata, bunkai and more. Please do not learn from video files meant for higher ranking students. For example, White Belts only watch the White Belt video, Yellow Belt only watch the Yellow Belt videos, and so on, unless otherwise stated by Sensei. 

Click the circles to see the classes.

Don't forget to warm up before you do these videos!


(White Belt, yellow/white, solid orange, all kids under 8)




Solid Green belts and up.


We signed our 6 year old son up last week and he absolutely loves it. Immediately noticed a change in his behaviour....and we didn't even sign him up because of that lol. If you're looking for an extracurricular activity for your kids (or you) I highly recommend taking them to Ogawa Karate. So happy with our decision.

—  Danielle, Facebook