About Our Kickboxing
CANFITPRO Certified Kickboxing

Kickboxing Practice

What Is Kickboxing?

For Teens & Adults

Kickboxing is a martial art originally based on the fighting side of karate! Now, though, it's just an awesome workout that combines great music with cardio, stretching, partner work, a lot of beating on punching bags. Get out that aggression with friends and music at Ogawa Martial Arts!

While most of our classes are done with partners or on a punching bag, students with more experience may be invited to spar together. IF they are comfortable to do so, that is. Nobody will be forced to do this! 


Karate + Kickboxing


Karate and Kickboxing go together like peanut butter and jelly. Two sides of the same coin, Karate is tradition and repetition: kickboxing is fitness and focus. Train both for an all-around great experience!

But you don't NEED to do train both - just FYI!


Who Is It For?

Men, Women & Teens

Fitness kickboxing is well-loved by women as a fitness workout and is also totally open to men who want to do some beating on the punching bags.

All fitness and skill levels are welcome. Beginners will be taught basics, so don't worry if you have never done this before. 


It is also a great option for teens who don't want the commitment or tradition of karate: unlike karate, kickboxing has no kata (forms) to memorize. It is also month-to-month, without the commitment of 3 or 6 month memberships.