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Exclusive Summer Signup Sale

Our Exclusive Summer Signup Sale is back.

Get Ahead.

Every fall, I see two kinds of kids: the ones who had some structure during their summer... And the ones who didn't. The ones who still remember how to listen in class... And the ones who don't.

Which child is going to excel at school in the fall? Which is going to be able to be their best from day one of the new school year? Which one will be lightyears beyond their classmates? 

Which one is your child going to be?

Let us help you this summer. Just a little bit of time each week in an otherwise fun and carefree summer can make all the difference. Sign up for our Exclusive Summer membership this year for 35% Off unlimited weekly classes. This is our best deal of the year and won't last long.

(Also available for adults. Not available for currently enrolled students). 

Bold. Brave. Confident.

Ogawa Karate.

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