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Tuesday, Thursday & Friday @7 PM
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At Ogawa Martial Arts

Our Kickboxing is a fun and casual workout class for women age teens aged 13+. Due to class structure, you can get a super intense workout or a very gentle one: it's up to you and your body! While teens are welcome, we expect all teenagers to act appropriately. This is  not a class geared to kids. 

Looking for kids programs?  Click Here.

In our class, you will find:

  • A fun and welcoming group of people in all stages of their fitness journey

  • Deep stretch, bodyweight and fitness

  • Minimal to no sparring/fighting: this is a fitness class

  • Weighted and bodyweight exercises

  • Lots of punching bag work

  • Trigger drills and hand pad/partner work

  • Partner work, self-defence and fitness


Our Story

Our school began in 2018 as a Karate dojo in a small church in Rigeway, ON after 20 years of training karate in Burlington, ON under Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura.

In the fall of 2019 we relocated to the to the Clarion hotel in Fort Erie, and not long after that, we went fully online due to Covid-19 from March 2020 until January of 2022.

Now, we are fully reopened and back to business, offering Karate and Kickboxing in Fort Erie in a modern and functional martial arts studio.


Our Studio
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