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Adults & Teens Traditional Goju Ryu Karate

Higaonna Sensei, Our Organization's Founder

Community, fitness & an unparalleled workout.

With a worldwide organization founded by Higaonna Sensei (Pictured) in Okinawa, and a dojo led by Sensei Kate Cowan, we offer the only traditional karate in Fort Erie. 

Our adults program is focused around the true, traditional roots of goju ryu karate. Here, you'll find body conditioning, movement in time with technique, pressure-tested sparring (which is not for beginners), kata, bunkai, traditional hojo-undo, as well as a great community of supportive people who all have the same goals in mind. 

Sunset Martial Arts

Our Classes



We include many elements of martial arts, including:


  • Stretch

  • Pre-class Sweat cardio warmup (with modifications for physical limitations)

  • Technique and Movement 

  • Punching Bags

  • Partner Work

  • Sparring

  • Conditioning

  • Kata

Physical limitations

We strive to make sure everyone can attend our classes.

  • All students should be able to walk or lightly jog unaided and get up and down off the ground without help. 

  • While students in wheelchairs do train in some gyms, our gym is not equipped for this.

  • Class is usually done on timers: eg, 30 seconds of pushups. If you can only do 2 pushups, great. If you can do 200, also great. 

  • If you have an injury or limitation, we will offer modifications. For example, students with injured shoulders may do another activity when we are doing pushups. 

  • It's all about how hard you try.

  • You get what you give! 

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