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Community, fitness & an unparalleled workout 

Martial Arts is the perfect way to get fit, feel great, build confidence and find your community. At Ogawa Martial Arts, you get all that while learning in a safe and familiar environment.

  • Have fun developing cardio, stamina, strength and coordination. 

  • Watch your confidence skyrocket as you build strength and improve your speed

  •  Feel safe as you learn to defend yourself in all scenarios 

  • Feel great about every class working toward each new goal you set.

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Sunset Martial Arts

Our Classes



We include many elements of martial arts, including:


  • Stretch

  • Pre-class Sweat cardio warmup (with modifications for physical limitations)

  • Technique and Movement 

  • Punching Bags

  • Partner Work

  • Sparring

  • Conditioning

  • Kata

Physical limitations

We strive to make sure everyone can attend our classes.

  • All students should be able to walk or lightly jog unaided and get up and down off the ground without help. 

  • While students in wheelchairs do train in some gyms, our gym is not equipped for this.

  • Class is usually done on timers: eg, 30 seconds of pushups. If you can only do 2 pushups, great. If you can do 200, also great. 

  • If you have an injury or limitation, we will offer modifications. For example, students with injured shoulders may do another activity when we are doing pushups. 

  • It's all about how hard you try.

  • You get what you give!