New schedule as of Spring 2021!

Schedule below. All classes must be booked online via this link. 

We have added new classes! Please confirm your class placement with us if you are unsure.

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Which Class Should I attend?

Little Dragons

You are aged 5-8, and have a white belt, or a black stripe down the middle of your belt.

Ages 9-13, All Belts

You might not be able to attend your belt-specific classes on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, or you might want to train with a sibling of another belt colour. 

Ages 9-13, White-Solid Yellow

If you are a beginner, or have only been training a few months, this class is for you. Also open to Little Dragons about to turn 9 years old. 

Ages 9-13, Orange Belt +

For kids aged 9-13 who have SOLID orange, green, blue, purple, purple/brown, or brown belt.


This is a new class for us. If you are aged 12-13 with a blue belt or higher, or are aged 14-15 with any belt at all, this is the class for you.


For any adults or teenagers aged 15+. Due to insurance reasons, ALL students aged 15+ MUST be in this class.