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2021 Update


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Ages 5-7

Classes build: respect, focus, teamwork, fitness & listening abilities. Make friends and have a great time in this structured & safe class.

Ages 8-13

Classes build: listening, focus, respect, discipline, goal-setting, leadership, fitness. Begin to learn the history & technique of karate while making friends and having fun.

Ages 6+

Bring the whole family for this martial arts inspired fitness class. Siblings, parents & children all welcome to partake together. Family members will be partnered together for a fun and unique fitness class.

Ages 14+

This adults & teens karate class is structured to each individuals personal fitness level. Each class includes learning the history, technique, terminology and cultural aspects of Okinawan Goju Ryu karate. 

  1. Advanced Kids (green belt +)

  2. Private Lessons

  3. Self Defense Seminars

  4. Boxing/Sparring

  5. Free Beginners Trials



Ogawa Karate (Fort Erie) offers safe, professional programs in traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate kids 5-13, teens and adults. We believe in teaching exceptional karate, in preparing kids to be the best they can be, and fostering a family-like environment. Here, we focus on imperative life skills paired with necessary self-defense and fun, nurturing lesson plans. Parents are always welcome to stay and help out with their kids' classes, to participate in games, and to see their kids improve in karate - you will ALWAYS be invited to stay!
We Work On...

Character • Respect • Teamwork • Confidence • Discipline

We are a proud member of the IOGKF.

Ogawa Family Karate is a proud member of IOGKF, the International Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate Federation under Higaonna Sensei. Being a member of IOGKF ensures that all our instructors are properly trained and continue to improve their own martial arts training on a regular basis. IOGKF is committed to preserving the intangible cultural treasure of Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-do, which has been passed down to us in its original form from one generation to the next. The IOGKF governs our black belt gradings, traditions, katas, tournaments & all grading requirements for every age.

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YOU are your child's #1 educator. We're just your cool side-kick (literally).



Getting Here:

Clarion Hotel, Fort Erie - near Cresent Park, across the road from GFESS high school. 

Our Address:

1485 Garrison Rd, Fort Erie, ON L2A 1P8


289 271 9822

(We are Fort Erie Local, please don't be alarmed by the area code, this is a cell phone). 



We signed our 6 year old son up last week and he absolutely loves it. Immediately noticed a change in his behaviour....and we didn't even sign him up because of that lol. If you're looking for an extracurricular activity for your kids (or you) I highly recommend taking them to Ogawa Karate. So happy with our decision.

—  Danielle, Facebook